Yearly Meeting Gathering

We had a good time at Yearly Meeting Gathering.
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Here are some reflections
Being part of an all-age community in our flat made up of people I know very well, and those I’d never met before. The short distance between our accommodation and the central campus meant we spent a lot of time sharing together, and I really appreciated the small community we formed as part of the larger community of YMG.
Linda Batten.

Big Yearly Meeting
Yearly Meeting 2017 was one of the highlights of my year. I had a lot of fun making friends and learning more about my faith. I enjoyed spending time with people I knew and people who I had never seen before. The balance between base group activities and talks by inspiring people was perfect. The all-age meetings were a time to think and reflect on our beliefs. I hope everyone has such an amazing time as I did. I wish all the luck to next year’s child volunteers. I can’t wait for next time.
Lydia Klosa.

Being there, Connections to the wider Q community and Inclusivity.
David Edmonds

I thought Warwick was a good venue, with only short distances between venues.
The Wednesday activities are when Friends can go off site to do something different. We went in Fox’s footsteps to the church in Fenny Drayton which George Fox had attended with his parents as a child and youg man. We were met by Friends from Hartshill Meeting (The nearest to Fnny Drayton) dressed as George Fox and Margaret Fell. Then we visited Fox’s Memorial in Fenny Drayton erected in 1872. Hartshill Meeting gave us a good lunch there and then we were taken to Manchetter Church where George had been thrown out of and a country park where he had grazed his sheep.
On Tuesday and Wednesday evening was the groups fair and we had a Quaker Tapestry stall and had the Sheffield Quaker tapestry which had attracted a lot of interest.
Faith Rodger

The preparation and content of the YMG spoke to me of ‘Community Building’ with a special urgency in our time of growing inequality. I loved George Lakey’s re-emphasis on seeking a more equal society. Tim Gee’s translation of the Beatitudes as: “Rise up, you poor and take action” truly speaks to me. Now that we are back in our own ‘Meetings’ may we as a Quaker Movement, pull together in a single direction,
taking action on the side of the poor and the dispossessed of our world.
Maurice Bartley

Here are some photos

Friends have a chat befor epilogue
Friends have a chat before epilogue

Margarets and David
Margarets and David eat lunch

White poppies
White poppies made in the craft hub

Roots Building
Roots building which housed information desk and restaurant for those on full board.

!(left)/m/bbqu/shared/ymg_2017_-am_picnic2.jpg(Area Meeting picnic)!AM picnic
Our Area Meeting has a Picnicand invites old members of the meeting

Fox's footsteps
Some of us make a visit in George Fox’s footsteps for the Wednesday Activity

Groups Fair
Groups Fair

Our Tapestry panel at the groups fair
Our panel at the groups fair on the Quaker tapestry stall.

Scratch orchestra
A scratch orchestra has formed for the last night celebrations.

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