Community at the May Area Meeting in Bamford

The sun filtered through the mature trees and the peace of rural Bamford Community embraced our Area Meeting for Worship for Business on the 10th May 2015. Following a hearty lunch of soup in the substantial kitchen, 30 Friends and attenders settled into the gathered meeting with a commitment both to the discipline of our business method and a lightness of touch. This determination to make our new format of AM business, work comes from the clerking team and attendees alike and is a trend that we hope to maintain and develop.

Starting with the Yearly Meeting theme of living our faith in the world, we divided into several small groups, some of whom worked outside in the spring air. This sharing of ideas, both spiritual and practical, was a joyful exercise in which we spoke from our hearts.

We were pleased to welcome several attenders from Bamford Local Meeting and there was a strong feeling of our being part of one larger ‘family’. Indeed, the chatter over tea and cakes and country walk that followed our meeting, emphasized the connections and friendships within our Area Meeting.

Thank you for your hospitality, Bamford Quaker Community.

Reports of the meeting are available below.

Community at the May Area Meeting in Bamford
Quaker Peace and Social Witness Spring Conference Report15.5 KB
Quaker Life Representative Council Report April 201575 KB
Meeting for Sufferings Report March 201521 KB
Britain Yearly Meeting Suppliment13 KB