Area Meeting reviews its' new format...

This year a new team of AM Clerks took on the challenge of invigorating the life of our Area Meetings.
It has been an exciting process, learning the practicalities associated with this task and engaging a wider network of friends.
We aimed to define the roles of individuals within our team; examine how we use communication, (such as publications and websites); and consider the best way of sharing responsibilities and engaging a wider audience in the decision making.
In October, we reviewed our progress with a selection of representatives. This was a very productive event and we identified that our Area Meetings for business are now more inclusive, enjoyable and focussed. However, there are still positive changes we can make, particularly in the area of forward planning, communications and sharing responsibility.
The full report is attached and we look forward to hearing from you, especially at a future Area Meeting.

With thanks for your support,
The Area Meeting Clerking Team

Area Meeting reviews its' new format...
Area Meeting review - Report 201534.5 KB