Area Meeting 12 March 2016

Sheffield and Balby Area Meeting
Saturday 12th March 2016
Sheffield Central Quaker Meetinghouse

Welcome to yet another of our all day all age events. This time we shall be hosted by Sheffield Central. After just over a year of the new style Area Meeting during which we have been focusing on building our community, we are looking outwards. Our opening activity and afternoon all age workshops we hope will reflect the rich and various ways in which Friends in our area live their faith in the world.

Here is the outline of the day:

9.45. Arrival, tea and coffee

10.00 meeting for worship

10.15 opening activity – we will create a picture in words of the many ways we live our faith in our families, schools, communities and the world

Short shuffle break

11.15 Business and children’s activities (for details see below)

12.45 lunch – a bring and share lunch promises to be delicious!

1.45 – 2.45 all age workshops – including sustainable energy, climate change songs, Northern Friends Peace Board, Building good communities and housing solutions, visioning the city – an arts workshop (see brief descriptions of workshops at the end of this notice)

2.45 final worship sharing – what we have called Popcorn Ministry – to share our final thoughts on the day

3.00 – 3.30 Tea, cake and a chance for informal connection.

and here is the agenda of the Meeting for Worship for Business

Membership matters
Appointments to conferences
Safeguarding report
BYM preparation
Meeting for Sufferings report
NFPB report
Closing minute
Children and young people’s workshops
Joint children and young people’s drama workshop provided by ‘Mind Apart’, a Sheffield based drama group specializing in energising community-based drama. Part of the workshop will see the children and young people working together in a single group, before splitting in to age appropriate groups. For those with other regular commitments on Saturdays, the workshop will be in the morning and will be finished by lunch time (12.45pm). However, we do need to have an idea of numbers, since we need to know that the event is viable and worth the facilitators’ costs. So we would really appreciate it if PARENTS AND CARERS PASS ON NAMES OF THOSE CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE ATTENDING TO EITHER MARK LALLEMAND OR ZILLAH SCOTT.

and the all age workshops

Communities and Housing workshop –Doug Candler
A brief presentation and opportunity to share ideas about
· the housing crisis – what are the problems and what can we do about them
· what makes a neighbourhood a good place to live
· intentional communities, including cohousing and housing co-ops

Visioning workshop – Sallie Ashe
We will consider sustainability for the built environment and create our own Quaker inspired community in the form of a 2D collage from recycled paper and card.

Sing out for the climate! – Jenni Crisp
We will be learning + creating climate change related songs together in a relaxed way- all welcome, whether you perform in a choir or only sing in the bath!

Northern Friends Peace Board Workshop – Sue Beardon
A brief overview of the history, purpose and recent concerns of NFPB, followed by discussion on:

  • what kinds of support we require for our own peace work from NFPB
  • which issues we would like to see raised and taken up by NFPB.
    The workshop will be mainly interactive and aims to ensure our relationship with NFPB is two way.

Pathways to a low carbon society – changing systems, not lightbulbs. Adam Howard

Adam is currently studying Renewable Energy at the Centre for Alternative Technology, and has recently organised an event there – “Zero Carbon Britain: Where’s the Carrot?”
To build a low carbon society, the scale and complexity of changes needed can appear overwhelming. Traditional models of change are not up to the job.
This workshop will explore what are we now learning about changing systems. How can we build a movement that engages people across the social spectrum?